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UFO sightings
in the Sierra Nevada


[Series of 5 collages / models]

UFO sightings from the Sierra Nevada ski resort, mountains of Granada and Almeria, in the 1960s. With the arrival of extraterrestrial spaceships, the sky takes on an astral aspect, the landscape unfolds into infinity and the triangular monument of the Virgin of the Snow becomes the entrance to a new dimension.

Hola. (Hello.) First reports of the arrival. From the distant snow-covered valley a metallic voice can be heard saying: Hello.

La primera nit. (The first night.) In the light of the spaceship and from the mountain refuge’s terrace, night mixes with day.

A mi no. (Not me.) Two children are unable to escape the beam of light, whilst a third, dumbfounded, watches as the beam takes away his shadow.

La fugida. (The escape.) In a VW beetle, driving as fast a possible along the frozen road, which is melted by a beam of light that eventually traps the car.

Adéu yé-yé. (Goodbye ye-ye.) Only she, the most ye-ye of them all, is unafraid of them.

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